Lucia Soto


I have written and illustrated three books.
They are available at selected comic bookshops in London and online on my Shop.
If you'd like to carry my books, please get in touch.

Home away from home

On April 2017 I went back to the place where I grew up after a long time away to spend some time with my family.
This illustrated travel journal tells the story of that trip and tries to answer a difficult question; where is home?
Across 44 pages, it features my family, three dogs and a recipe for vegan paella.
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21 Things you could be doing now

A funny take on how we sometimes idealise the past with romantic notions from novels and black and white films.
Across 24 pages, it features blood letting, horse and carriage trips and society scandalising.
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Missed Connections

This book compiles all my illustrations based on the missed connections ads on Craigslist London.
Across 32 pages, it features 35 short stories with original illustrations in black and white. It can be enjoyed as a comic book or used as an adult colouring book.
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